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Beauty and The Flower

Beauty and The Flower

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The 40 cm Rose Flower Teddy Bear with Rose

Be different next time your gifting with our limited edition rose bears, Only at petales de rose sydney. 

The life of the bear can last anywhere up to years.

To keep the rose bear in the best condition, store the rose bear in moderate room temperature to avoid build up of  dust. Any extreme temperature, either too hot or too cold can impact the synthetic material and reduce longevity. Avoid touching water or direct sunlight as this can cause discoloration.

Take good care of your bear and it will be an everlasting rose.

Please note - These bears are very delicate and fragile. Petales does not guarantee any petals falling off the bears If any petales have fallen off the bear during delivery please simply re glue them on the bears.

**NO BOX IS INCLUDED ** Petales provides our own packaging for you’re rose bear. 

 Rose bears are made from foam and are not real roses.

(Single rose on bear is a Lasting rose)

*40 cm size 

*Personalized message on our customized stationery.